Welcome to ‘van de Mazoraxhoeve’ a Great Danes breeder with almost 20 years of experience.

We would gladly tell you some more about us, our dogs and how it all started.
Our love and passion for this friendly giant started about 20 years ago, in specific the enthusiasm, kindness and loyalty towards people and children attracted us the most.
The great Danes are sometimes referred as the Apollo’s amongst the dogs.
In this way our passion and commitment to this breed lead us to where we are today, a hobby, a passion a life’s work!

And this to great success, we have bred several champions over the years…

Since our goal is to go for putting more quality in our breeding and not focus on quantity, we are always on the lookout for qualitative combinations. We started a solid breeding program and hope to make the best possible contribution to this breed!
We therefore aim to have healthy, beautiful, balanced breed compliant Great Danes with a good character. Our approach does then pay off, the traveling, puzzling to achieve our goal has made us a successful breeder and we say this with great pride!

The puppies are bred in-house and thereby come in contact with all activities of a normal household (kids, visitors, electrical appliances, noises, colors…
Since we breed for quality and not quantity our litters are limited and should you be interested in owning one of our puppies, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can always come by to see our dogs, pups with no strings attached… We are glad to answer any questions and give advice where and when needed! A good preparation will evolve into a lifelong enjoyment of your next man’s best friend!

We hope  to hear from you soon….

Roger & Josiane